Domarpresentation Lionel Prouvé

I started showing Tibetan Spaniels in 1998 with my partner Tony Moran under his Avigdor kennel name in Ireland. Following my move to the UK in 2002, we started showing increasingly there and since then we have made up 16 GB Champions on top of the 2 Tony had already made up. Due to work (and space in the house!), we tend to have even less than a litter a year and we have been cooperating with a few kennels in Europe, being some of the first UK-based breeders to import Tibetan Spaniels in the UK when the pet passport scheme came in.

Some of the dogs I have successfully shown are Avigdor Jarko, Avigdor Elvira, Sommerlyst’s Zi-Mi Piu, Avigdor Titus, the first two having won Groups in Ireland as well as being Champion in the UK, Ireland and France.  After 2 Res CCs at Crufts, Jarko was BOB in 2016, matching his brother Jarrod’s achievement.

I have also handled some of our other dogs, but these are the special ones (don’t tell the others!).

In 2005, I started showing Griffons Bruxellois and established a new kennel name: Castafiore. A few litters and a lot of very good breeder friends later and we have 7 Irish Champions (across the three varieties: Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge & Petit Brabancon) and 3 UK Champions, including a BOB at Crufts.

Recently, we have started using that Castafiore affix for a Tibetan Spaniel litter, so hopefully, they will start making an impact in the breed too.

I started judging under the UK system in 2006 and was passed to Championship show level for Tibetan Spaniels at Windsor 2017. I also judged for the first time in Scandinavia at the Norwegian Club show last summer. It is an amazing honour to be able to come to judge in Sweden.


Lionel Prouvé

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